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Move-Out Information


Follow these steps to ensure a smooth checkout!

  • Clean EVERYTHING thoroughly
  • Remove ALL belongings/trash from your apartment
  • Ensure your account balance is $0
  • Turn in Keyfob
  • Complete a Cleaning Check
  • Update your Forwarding Address


  • Trash Out Charges – You will be charged for any trash or personal items that are left in the common areas (kitchen, living room, etc), whether or not the trash or items belong to you
  • Cleaning fees for leaving the apartment dirty
  • Damage fees for undocumented damages


You must clean your apartment.

Commonly Missed Areas: windows, ovens/stoves, baseboards, doors and door
frames, underneath beds, closets, behind and under couches, and pantry/coat

Make sure all your personal belongings are removed from the apartment. This
includes food in the cabinets/fridge and any trash.

Please remember: We charge all roommates equally for common area cleaning,
trashout charges, and damages.

You must return your keyfob to the leasing office and complete a cleaning check to be properly checked out and avoid any charges for checking out late or not returning your keyfob.


  • Change your address with the United States Postal Service. This will ensure that there is no interruption in your mail delivery. Change of address forms are easily obtained from any post office or you can do so online at Raintree is not responsible for forwarding mail or returning mail to the sender.
  • If you do not vacate by your lease end date you will be charged rent/utilities and a $50 fee for every day that you stay beyond your lease end date and we will file for legal eviction.


When my apartment is inspected what will management be looking for?

We will be looking for what is left unclean and/or damaged. The apartment should be fully move-in ready for the new resident.

When can I do my cleaning check if I sold my contract and am moving out early?

You can do your cleaning check up to 2 days before your buyer’s lease start date.

If I have roommates that are still present in the apartment when I move out, how clean does the apartment have to be?

Your bedroom and bathroom must be clean and the kitchen and living room will also be inspected. We understand that your apartment may still be being lived in and used but we also expect you to do your part to ensure that it is ready for the next resident.

What charges will I have to pay for?

Any charges assessed will be for failure to complete or pass a cleaning, failure to return keys and damages. Your security deposit will be used toward any outstanding balance. If you do not have a security deposit, then any outstanding balance will need to be paid through the Resident Portal. If you are unsure if you have a balance, please call the leasing office with questions.

How can I dispute charges made to my account once I move/transfer out?

If you feel you have been wrongly charged for the condition of your apartment you must dispute those charges in writing within 30 days of receiving your final invoice. Please send this either via email to [email protected] or in a letter to the following address:

1849 N Freedom Blvd, Provo, Utah, 84604

Upon receiving your dispute, we will notify you within 30 days whether or not you are dismissed from the charge(s). At that time, all decisions will be final.


To the right is a copy of the cleaning check form that the office uses on all cleaning checks! Please follow this form as you clean your apartment.


If you have any stickers on your windows, mirrors, walls or ceilings, they must be

All original furniture must be clean and accounted for

All borders, wallpaper, curtains, shades, self-adhesive hooks, etc. must be removed

All walls must be their original paint color

All trash and personal items must be removed: There will be a minimum charge of $50 for anything left behind. Please ensure that all of your personal items have been removed from your apartment before you check out!!

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